STEM Project : Science , Technology, Egineering and Mathematics for prisoners

Jason R Glascock 342498
OSCI; PO Box 3310
Oshkosh, WI 54903

    Jason and a few other prisoners in the medium security prison Oshlosh Correctional Institution have been trying to get started a program that would increase the prisoners' access to learning about the four  big discoplines in todays society. Their brain child is called the STEM project after these disciplines: Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics. Although they were very successful in getting outside organizations to support them in their effort, even donate books, the WIDOC has so far discouraged and even punished them for their efforts. Below is Jason's explanatory letter and some documents showing their thwarted efforts. Coming will be a fuller view of this project dream.

    WIDOC at present does very little to prepare prisoners for  life after prison. There is a great need for programs like the STEM project and FFUP and other oranizations will in the future do what It can to support the implementing of such programs.

Jason Glascock's intro to STEM

Thwarted efforts to get permission from DOC to accept donations and begin

Jason Glscock letter to Senator Lena Taylor

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