Basic Advanced Learning Education: BALE

note: this project and STEM point to the need within The WI prison system to educate prisoner on basic techology before they leave prison.

Submitted by:
Robert Mallory 63498
SCI; 100 Corrections Drive;
Stanley, WI 54768

Parole Business Plan

This is a three year budget projection plan for first a state-wide operation , then  a national organization for the BALE Program.

CONCEPT: BALE program services

      location:Entire state of WIsconsin, Then a national organization

      Who will it service? The technologically uninformed and the uneducated prisoners.


This Program is entitled B.A.L.E. (inference; hereinafter referred as the Bale Project "Basic Advanced Learning Education”). The Bale Project is an introduction for and to all of the Technologically uninformed members of our society and those Old-time prisoners that are still incarcerated and/or either trapped outside of the systematic development of our world as we know it. The Bale project is a component of the 'Reentry, Concept that mainly focuses on people acquiring basic skill levels and also assist individuals in adjusting to society at large. 

The nature of the Bale program is a service industry geared at helping others grasp a part of society that they are lacking in; have no interest in learning about, because they feel safe in their way of life as they know it.. Thus, the 'Marketing' plan for this servicer will be made aggressively available to all those in our society esp., those prisoners and ex-cons etc., that have remained uninformed and also those older individuals in their 60s,70s, and 80s & above; such older individuals that want to stay engaged in this technological challenge of our times. 

Also note; this process can be hand--carried to parts of our society that is often neglected. Such as the prisons, old folks-homes, homeless--shelters etc. 

Might I also state; aside from those of us that know and want to know all these things, this project also targets all those areas of society that are not all that commonplace to the average citizen.. Thus, we will be prepare to go off in the inner cities around this country to seek out those hidden and way out of the way parts of our communities that are not a part of society's growth processes and there, offer them this opportune to part­icipate in these Technological Advanced changes.


The Executive Director and its Board members of the Bale program, have a wealth of experience in working with others. Plus, through the years, as such, we have either volunteered in or worked in a paid capacity in several projects also in the prison and service community,addressing the needs of at risk individuals. My association with the various programs for prisoners, has given me access to subjective and objective situations that are a matter of record. As a consequence, I made many liaisons and developed personal working relationships with those particular individuals that were a part of the process. This en­tire process will be under the care of professionalism and that of an executive Director, one Secretary and one Treasure, an equal board of directors. 


Here, I want to state that the BALE project will be composed of Full-time paid- part-time paid, stipended, and part time volunteer workers; experienced/professionals will also be sought out to further this program.

-Marketing Plan‑ 

This Program will also target all those areas of society that are not common-place to the average citizen. Thus, we will go into the inner cities around the state (and country for that matter) to seek out those individuals hidden and are not normally a part of society's growth in technology processes, so that they can be offered the opportune to participate in these gradual technical changes.


SHOULD,I be considered for parole in Chicago or the Madison, WI area I would seek out involving myself with immediate employment with the Prison Program Voices Beyond Bars, Of which the Director is Jerome Dillard, who is a current member of the Council on Offender Reentry. I would also seek council with Rev. Jerry Hancock Director of the Prison Ministry Project at The FIRST CONGREGATIONAL UNITED CHURCH OF CHRIST OF Madison, Wisconsin. Note: If my release can begin with work-release at the earliest possible convenience, I can then pour all of my free- time into establishing the BALE Project. I would be willing to either initiate the Bale program with my own funds herein Wisconsin or do the same in Chicago Illinois. Up and until then I would be willing to reside in any Halfway-House etc.





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